The Friday Feeling

Good morning fellow writers and bloggers alike!

How are you all today? Friday is here so the weekend is more than just around the corner, it is just a breath away!

Today we’re talking about the world, it has to be a topic at some point, so much has been happening in the last few months that it feels we live in the world of Alice in wonderland, coming out of one hole just to jump straight into another one, metaphorically speaking!

So what is happening with the world as we know it? Yes the natural disasters have somehow given us a break for a while but everything else hasn’t, the ever illusive ‘growing’ economy and the constant confusion with the only people who have power to change anything.

Do you all really agree that everything is on the up for us or is it a ‘see-it-to-believe-it’ thing for you too?


Rhino mum and calf!

Rhino mum and calf!

Today I will start the day by raising awareness about a cause that seems to be going unnoticed by the general public.

The population of Rhinos has been declining and declining and it doesnt seem to stop. All because of its horn!


People need to stop this, it is very sad that the people who buy it cant actually speak out to the world and state that there is no benefit whatsoever in using rhino horn for anything!

But since those people arent human enough to do it then I will and I hope you will too. Share this around, lets do our part and try to save the Rhino, they are beautiful creatures and it is simply heartbreaking that they are nearly extinct!

Please share this!