The Friday Feeling

Good morning fellow writers and bloggers alike!

How are you all today? Friday is here so the weekend is more than just around the corner, it is just a breath away!

Today we’re talking about the world, it has to be a topic at some point, so much has been happening in the last few months that it feels we live in the world of Alice in wonderland, coming out of one hole just to jump straight into another one, metaphorically speaking!

So what is happening with the world as we know it? Yes the natural disasters have somehow given us a break for a while but everything else hasn’t, the ever illusive ‘growing’ economy and the constant confusion with the only people who have power to change anything.

Do you all really agree that everything is on the up for us or is it a ‘see-it-to-believe-it’ thing for you too?


5 Years of AppleMania

Can you believe that it has been five years since the Apple revolution started?

And the worst part of it is, its been five years and I haven’t yet had an Iphone! How funny!

Now the battle rages on, Apple, Samsung and Google (Blackberry has been quiet lately). It will be a fierce battle between these three giants but who will come out victorious and who will come out broken?

Its up to all of us to decide, my money is on Apple as I am patiently awaiting for the release of the Iphone 5, then I will move into the Apple crowd!!




Samsung vs Microsoft

The choice will always be ours but if it wasnt, which phone would you want to be given?

On the one hand, there is the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Everything about this phone looks classy, from the shiny screen to the shape of the device itself. There is nothing not to like about this phone in regards to looks but what is there regarding functionality that beats other phones? Maybe a faster processor but does that really matter when at the end of the day all I want my phone to be able to do is calls!

On the other hand, there is the Windows Phone 8. The name speaks for itself, it will be the latest Microsoft release on the phone front but will it take mobile phones to the next stage? I dont believe it will, unless they come up with something that no one has incorporated before, they will just be another phone and nothing more than that. They will also for sure have a faster processor but one of the characteristics that buyers look for will most likely be neglected, how the phone looks like!

At the end of the day, many different brands can offer many different things but its how you attract the public to purchase your product and Microsoft lacks on persuasion.

Do you agree?


Microsoft VS Apple. Hit Nº2

Good morning everyone, today we start with good news from Microsoft which may be bad new for Apple. Microsoft has launched a tablet pc and it looks rather good if I can say so myself. Being an Apple fan myself I am hoping this will force Apple to react by launching another Ipad but I think im setting myself up for disappointment.

What do you guys think of this new tablet pc? Neat eh?


Supercomputer wars.

Here is a new type of competition…….Who has the fastest computer?

Apparently it is the US government but what do they use it for though?

A supercomputer would come in handy nowadays, the general ones just dont do the trick anymore. It makes me wonder how did people live with their super slow computers back in the 1980s? (Whoever had one) In a way I kinda would like to try and use one of those super slow computers, maybe then the current ones would be more appreciated!

Do you agree?


Google’s privacy policy, once again!

So Google’s privacy policy is once again being discussed, it seems like a never ending battle between Google and Europe. To be honest I barely know what has really changed in their policy, only that our details will be more easily accessed whenever they please to access them. One thing that I do know and I am not happy about is that everything me and all of you type into a Google search will be saved, this way its not a confidential search but a public affair!

Its maybe time for all those social platforms out there to start taking better care of our privacy, after all, if we are not happy about it we do what any person would do, leave! Twitter is the only one winning this battle for now, lets hope they remain on their current road and avoid shortcuts!

What do you think of this topic? Do you think Google’s new policy is fair or not?

Let us know


Apple VS Microsoft

So Microsoft wants to launch a tablet pc to battle Apple, question is, how will they differentiate from what is out there already?

Mostly, it will all be about price and capability. While Apple has their expensive tablets that we know work very well and are regularly being updated to fit our needs, will Microsoft do exactly the same thing with a few added extras or will they just stick to what is current and risk being left behind?

Share your views with us on this matter.