Day 1

Good morning everyone, I trust you are all doing well and being successful with your projects.

This morning I didnt write at all, instead, I spent 40 minutes in the train day-dreaming about other people reading my novels. It was quite a nice feeling to think others will be reading what I have written very soon, exciting but also unnerving as I am sure not everyone will like what I write but there is more than enough time to prepare for that.

Tonight it is writing night for me, time to map out the characters as I have completed chapters 1 and 2 and it is time to get to the nitty gritty with everyone and at this point everyone’s story is pretty much outlined so it is incorporating time for me. Amazing how I began with a completely different story line to the one I have now, whereas my first draft was completely chaotic and full of action, now I have a draft that is mildly chaotic with a little more reality.

I am really hoping that the message I am trying to put across will be very clear by the end of the novel!

How are you all doing? Ready for another day?



Hello everyone, I trust you are all doing well and getting on fine with your projects!

Before you say anything, yes, I have invented a new word, novelling!! It has to be a word because that is what we (writers) tend to do quite a lot! Novelling and more novelling!! Ha!

Today I am wondering where my new novel is going, not thinking of the name yet and actually trying to not even let it cross my mind just yet. I believe I have chosen something really great to write about but also think I’ve bitten off more than I can chew, it is a very intricate story with various characters and I am really hoping I dont turn it into desperate housewives!! ha!

One thing I have to say is, scientists should invent the time machine soon or at least something that will slow time down, with so much to do there isnt ever enough time and writing a book isnt exactly just slapping words on a piece of paper and off you go!

Before I go, I would like to thank you all for yesterday’s warm welcome, it really makes me happy to see that even though I have been gone for months you guys still come and say hi!! 🙂

New day, New week

Hello fellow friends, how are you all doing today?

Today is already going so fast, it is nearly over!! Did you guys have a good weekend? I spent the whole day yesterday writing, well, trying at least!!

Has an encounter with our old friend writers block and was more busy trying to get rid of it than trying to finish my book!! Haha

Anyway, I still managed to get a lot done but am hoping tonight will be more successful than the last, fingers crossed!!

For those of you whose day is just beginning, have a great day!! For those whose day is about to end, I hope you’ve had a great start of the week!! 🙂


Hello everyone once again.

Thank you for your comments on my previous post and I hope you liked the answers. Now I am moving onto a completely different topic, I want to speak about the struggles of writing a novel.

I personally struggled a little bit with making the novel as believable as possible and when I say this I mean with real locations and realistic storylines which at times were hard to adhere by!!

What did you struggle with the most while writing your novels guys? 🙂


Hello my fellow writers and bloggers!

I hope you are all doing well. Today is a day closer to the weekend, thank god for that!

I’ve already began planning what to do on Sunday morning, Saturday morning is still a mystery! I got 5 hours, all to myself where I can sit down and write as much as I want! Fingers crossed I manage to finally complete my novel even though I doubt 5 hours will be enough!

Today is going to be a long one, Thursdays are always so long, aren’t they? Hehe

I hope you are all having a great day.

How are your novels going guys?