Hello hello fellow bloggers, how have you all been during this long time?

My degree has kept me miles away from here but now I am back and ready to find out what is new with all of you!

The low down of my activity is, put my novel on hold for now as there are too many things I need to complete before I can even think of focusing on my novel. Secondly, I’ve decided it will be best to begin writing a new one while I complete the first, found it will keep the ideas flowing and fight writers block, the new novel has begun but I am not sure yet what to call it or where it will be going. It is a “make-it-up-as-i-go-along” type of thing, for now at least.

So, enough about me, what have you all been up to? Any exciting news to share? ūüôā


What an outrage!

Good morning everyone. Today I will start by sharing what I read this morning on the paper.

So, convicted murderers and other types of criminals are maybe going to be allowed to have their partners visit them for sex! Now, I thought the purpose of them going to prison was to be deprived of freedom as we know it, they committed a crime and they are paying for it.

If this starts happening then what is the point of having them in prison?

Just because they allow it in Spain? How about they are given the death sentence because they do it in Texas? Things¬†shouldn’t¬†work like this.

Next thing you know, it will be more fun to be in prison than to be out here since the convicts are getting so many privileges already, I¬†don’t¬†even look at them as convicts anymore, they are more like celebrities now, all they need now is the flat screen TV in their cells and a luxury¬†Jacuzzi¬†to go with it!

Share this around to make everyone aware of it.


Samsung vs Microsoft

The choice will always be ours but if it wasnt, which phone would you want to be given?

On the one hand, there is the Samsung Galaxy SIII. Everything about this phone looks classy, from the shiny screen to the shape of the device itself. There is nothing not to like about this phone in regards to looks but what is there regarding functionality that beats other phones? Maybe a faster processor but does that really matter when at the end of the day all I want my phone to be able to do is calls!

On the other hand, there is the Windows Phone 8. The name speaks for itself, it will be the latest Microsoft release on the phone front but will it take mobile phones to the next stage? I dont believe it will, unless they come up with something that no one has incorporated before, they will just be another phone and nothing more than that. They will also for sure have a faster processor but one of the characteristics that buyers look for will most likely be neglected, how the phone looks like!

At the end of the day, many different brands can offer many different things but its how you attract the public to purchase your product and Microsoft lacks on persuasion.

Do you agree?


Floating Island? What’s next?

So, in¬†probably 2 or 3 years time anyone will be able to buy a “floating Island”. As funny as it may sound, it is actually true.

It seems that its already being made so 2-3 years time may be a little too much actually. Now who would want a boat this big anyway? Why would anyone need a house if they owned one of these?

Beats me! Anyway, I personally wouldnt mind having one, it would save me a lot on rent and travel! Haha

What are your thoughts on this?


Social Media and the Olympics

Today’s first article is regarding how Social Media will play an important part in London 2012 Olympics.

It will be the first Olympics to incorporate this tool into its strategies and plans but how will this make a difference when the Olympics will always come down to who runs faster and reaches the finish line sooner?

A lot of people will find this article confusing as most of us are still in the dark about Social Media and are not aware of what it can do and its capabilities but to give you all an idea, Social Media will be a breakthrough in the Olympics.

Its almost as if you dont even need to buy tickets as you will be able to find out what is going on inside the stadium just by looking on Google! That is how Social Media will play its part, well, at least some of it. Everything else that will also be influenced by Social Media will simply reveal itself in time.

Any thoughts on this regard anyone?


Crisis? What crisis?

It is nice to see that at least someone is not being affected by this economic turmoil that is trying to suck the life out of our economic world.

Now its time to ask ourselves, how will this so called ‘good deal’ help? Will it create new jobs for all the people who are struggling to find work? Will it generate new opportunities for other businesses that are struggling to keep their doors open?

I’ll leave you to think about that, share your views with us.


Robin Hood maybe?

Good morning everyone. Today we start off with an article that caught my attention while browsing.

This guy is claiming that he has spent years in the woods living like a real prehistoric homo sapien, question is, is he telling the truth?

Lets lay the facts on the table, if he indeed has spent so many years in the woods then how did he go unnoticed for so long? Surely someone would have found him by now by detecting smoke from his fires or traces of the animals he killed to feed himself.

I say this is all just to get attention and nothing more than that, another fact is why did he only show up now? Why only show interest in the modern world now and not anytime in the previous years?

Do you guys agree with me? Let me know.


Google’s privacy policy, once again!

So Google’s privacy policy is once again being discussed, it seems like a never ending battle between Google and Europe. To be honest I barely know what has really changed in their policy, only that our details will be more easily accessed whenever they please to access them. One thing that I do know and I am not happy about is that everything me and all of you type into a Google search will be saved, this way its not a confidential search but a public affair!

Its maybe time for all those social platforms out there to start taking better care of our privacy, after all, if we are not happy about it we do what any person would do, leave! Twitter is the only one winning this battle for now, lets hope they remain on their current road and avoid shortcuts!

What do you think of this topic? Do you think Google’s new policy is fair or not?

Let us know