Me Continued

Here I shall share various views on the being a writer front but not only, I take an ‘Interested-in-everything’ approach to life therefore I will occasionally share posts around other areas. This blog serves as a place where we can all communicate with each other in a safe and nurturing way as well as a place where we can help each other with our daily challenges, both as writers but also maybe more complex challenges, I start the discussions and it is up to you guys to carry it forward and direct it where you want it to go. Lets begin…



121 comments on “Me Continued

  1. Thank you for the follow. I love how you’ve broken out your blog – music, writing, photography – all things that I’m incredibly passionate about. What’s the subject of the book you’re writing?

  2. Hello and thank you so much for the follow. Oddly I do have a Memoir out EPub. Should I be so bold as to give further details? Your site intrigues me..I shall be having a look around. I wish you luck with it.

  3. Thank you. I appreciate it.
    It is a biography – The Empty Nest – A Mother’s Hidden Grief. The trials and tribulations of when my daughter/s left home. Drawing on journals when I was pregnant, giving birth, them growing up..and leaving. It’s through Lulu and Amazon. Not a JK Rowling effort …just the fact that people that I do not know have actually bought it gives me satisfaction.

    How long have you been blogging?

  4. Thanks so much for the follow–and what a pretty blog template! Which one is it? I assume you took the photos?

    Please feel free to add to and start discussion on my blog as well.

    • Thank you, that is very kind of you!! πŸ™‚ My template is the itheme2 πŸ™‚ and yes, the photos are mine πŸ™‚

      I will surely do that, I will also link your blog to mine πŸ™‚

      • Its easy, on your dashboard options (left hand side) there is one called “Links”, hover over it and you will see 3 options, choose “Add New” and then all you need is the link to my blog to link it πŸ™‚ Thank you for doing that πŸ™‚

  5. Hi there,

    Thanks so much for liking my latest blog post about Technology. Thanks too, for the follow. I have reciprocated.

    Looking forward to reading your posts!

    Nancy L.

    P.S. I love the background picture in your blog.

  6. Hi! Thanks so much for visiting Techno-Dunce. We obviously have quite a few interests in common – I also blog about music and my book is due to be published before Easter, so I’d love to link up with you then. Thanks for the support – I’ll visit again.

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