Hello everyone, how have you all been doing?

It has been a while since I last posted here, I have to say, I missed you all!! I bet there is so much that is new with all of you and I am really eager to find out how you’ve all been doing with all your writings! 🙂

On this side, I think the “too-much-going-on” syndrome got the best of me so instead of trying to write with constant writers block, I decided to put it all on hold, get my head together and start again and now it is time to resume. They say, third time’s the charm and I think this is exactly the case!

On the positive side, this year has started amazingly, found my dream job at last after a long search and so many no’s so life is looking more than up, it is looking at the moon right now! That is pretty much the news from my side, now its your turn! 🙂


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