It Begins

Good morning everyone!! I trust you are all doing well.

Yesterday we discussed writing resources for Ipad and there were some really good suggestions here, in the end I decided to try out Evernote and have to say, it does the job really well!!

So due to that, my writing hours have gone up by twice as much as I write on a normal day. Great news!! Bad news is that I’ve restarted my novel, well, not really bad news as I now feel I have a lot more than I did before. I have also decided that it is going to be a short story rather than a really long one, maybe the next one is longer.

The story is going well, I am actually basing it on some personal experiences I’ve had not so long ago and it has been so inspirational. Right now I am so excited to take the story to a different level, the second chapter should be epic!

How are your projects going? Any exciting news to share with us? 🙂


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