Hello everyone, I trust you are all well and enjoying your start to this Friday, cant believe it is finally Friday!!

The writing restarts tonight and will most likely carry on into Sunday, I am going to write until my fingers are sore (or at least until I get writer’s block! haha).

I used to think that time was a writer’s worst enemy but I have proved myself wrong on this, motivation is a writer’s worst enemy as without it there will simply be no words flowing even if the inspiration is there!

So today, I am making my blog about motivational tips, what do you all do to remain motivated and on the ball? It would be interesting to see how everyone’s methods are different.

Have a great day everyone!! πŸ™‚


8 comments on “Story

  1. I wish I had an answer. I’ve spent the last month exhausted and barely able to find the motivation for anything. Back in the day, I used daily or weekly goals to drive me forward. Simple things that one could easily attain against minimal distractions.

    • I know the feeling, its not easy to juggle the everyday life duties with writing but in the end one must do it simply because it is a must! I guess for me it is simply the fact it is my passion to write but sometimes even that is not enough!

      • Same here. Writing is what makes me happy and it’s been my goal since I was a teenager. A difficulty is that many people see writing as a hobby or a dead end career path, so support is not easily given.

      • I would love to do writing full time but for now I am one of those people who see it as a hobby because thats all it can be for now, at least until I can turn it into a full time thing and thats why I must continue and finish my novel so I can then be sure I can take the risk. :).

      • I know that. Once I get my novel out there I will be able to make a decision, I can handle anything after that if at least I am sure it was what I wanted to do and it still is, that will be my motivation! πŸ™‚

  2. Early mornings are better for me as my brain is fried at night! Even tell yourself Im going to do just fifteen minutes and put the timer on, you will be amazed it always ends up being more than just the fifteenn minutes because you end up in the zone. Just start is the best one.

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