Hello hello fellow bloggers, how have you all been during this long time?

My degree has kept me miles away from here but now I am back and ready to find out what is new with all of you!

The low down of my activity is, put my novel on hold for now as there are too many things I need to complete before I can even think of focusing on my novel. Secondly, I’ve decided it will be best to begin writing a new one while I complete the first, found it will keep the ideas flowing and fight writers block, the new novel has begun but I am not sure yet what to call it or where it will be going. It is a “make-it-up-as-i-go-along” type of thing, for now at least.

So, enough about me, what have you all been up to? Any exciting news to share? 🙂


15 comments on “Return

  1. Welcome back and good luck juggling two books. It’s doable once you get a rhythm going.

    Since you asked, I released the second book of my fantasy series (Legends of Windemere) on July 30th and I’ve been promoting it and the first book like mad. The first book (Beginning of a Hero) finally crossed 4,000 sales and the second book (Prodigy of Rainbow Tower) managed to sell 2,000 in a month. So, I think I’ve proven that a second book can boost the first book and promoting on a daily basis really pays off.

    • Wow!!! Now that is great news!! I knew you’d do well!! That is actually really inspiring, and you know that now the only way is up so I am sure the number of sales will be quite great!! Thanks, I will try my best to finish both, they are completely different but that is why I think it will help, because one will empower the other 🙂

      • Up is the best way to go. I’ve noticed the rankings and sales drop since I’m no longer a new release, but that’s natural. The key is to keep even a few sales a day until the third book comes out on Halloween. Hopefully.

      • Yeah, that is a good way to go! I am sure you will also find a balance, believe me, the hardest part is over for you which is actually write your first novel! Ha! Can I just ask, how did you set things up on amazon to sell your novel? Did amazon charge you anything? Are you doing it in ebook or hard copy? I never asked these questions and it would be good to know from someone who’s done it already! 🙂

      • Amazon doesn’t charge anything. I set up the eBook through them and a paperback through Createspace, which is an Amazon affiliate. The set up for Amazon is rather simple. Put in the information, upload a cover art, and upload the book. The difficult part is formatting it to the Kindle. This involves a lot of uploading, preview scans, and reformatting. A lot of patience for that. For that just remember, no tabs, no more than 3 return strikes in a row, section breaks instead of page breaks. Those are the things that tripped me up the first time.

        I will admit that I’ve sold very few paperbacks. Most of the sales were to me for giveaway prizes.

      • Thanks for telling me that, I will keep it all in mind. Its good to know that we can sell our books without having to pay to do it, great actually!! I am thinking I will stick with ebooks rather than hard copies, I am reading constantly that everything is going digital and I dont want to spend money doing the hardbacks to then not sell, maybe for competitions like you said but nothing other than that. I hope I can finish my novel soon, want to publish so badly!! haha

      • I do agree with you, all I am saying is that if it costs too much to print then it kind of defeats the purpose of publishing unless you have the funds or backing from a publisher. I will take a look at createspace, it may just be that I get some printed through them then 🙂

      • Oh that sounds even better, I was just now thinking how it would work with ordering. Just didnt want to sit at home with dozens of boxes waiting to be sent out!! haha

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