Work work work

Good morning everyone, how are you all doing today?

I have discovered a great functionality here today, the ability to schedule posts, I will no longer have to be away for long periods of time without posting!! Thumbs up for that!!

Anyway, last night was a busy one, I have begun using a calendar to organize the house duties in order to manage my time a little better and free up time to write more. Also, it’s a very discreet way to hand certain chores to my better half without giving away my intentions!! haha

Tonight I am hoping to write more and more, I already know what I want to my next novel and I can tell you all now, it will be a heck of a lot more structured than the current one!!

I hope you all have a fantastic great day ahead of you and make sure you do everything you set out to do!! 🙂


One comment on “Work work work

  1. Scheduling posts has been so helpful. Glad you found that trick. Funny thing about second books is that they tend to be more structured than the first. Like you’re using the first book to get your footing.

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