Thank you Wednesday

Hello fellow friends, how are you all doing today?

Its once again Wednesday, I keep saying it and I will say it again, where is time going? How is one supposed to stay young when time is against you! haha

Anyway, updates on my novel. Ideas for the ending have been selected and will now move to end it once and for all so you can expect to be hearing me say it is finished real soon.

Will now set up a time period as a deadline to make sure I dont lose focus. How are your novels coming along? Anything interesting happening?

Today I would like to say thank you to all of you who have followed this blog and that are always helping with your comments, it is really appreciated, here is a picture for you all 🙂



4 comments on “Thank you Wednesday

  1. Congrats on picking an ending. That’s always one of the hardest parts.

    I’m gearing up for my first convention in Oswego, NY this weekend. I leave on Friday and everything is ready. Since my sales dropped off pretty harshly and I fell off the Amazon lists, I’m also doing a free download weekend while I’m away from the internet. I’ve got several blog posts and tweets scheduled to launch in my absence. Hopefully this stirs up more interest and revitalizes my sales numbers. It’s a little nerve-wracking to do this and not be around to check it out.

  2. I’m in the process of writing mine and it is daunting. I have just published some small booklets but the novel…..that’s another story. (no pun intended!)
    It is always reassuring to see someone who is rounding the corner to the end! I wish you great success!!!

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