Early Morning

Good morning fellow friends, how are you all doing today?

What a lovely morning it has been so far, the sun is shining today and it is warm, perfect for a day sitting in the garden writing. Shame I have to spend it working!! Haha

Anyway, today I will be thinking about the ending of my novel as I am not yet sure how to end it and am having last minute doubts of whether to make a sequel or not. The ideas are there, the desire to do it is not there so much anymore.

We shall see I guess, maybe I find something great at the end that makes me carry on with the story.

Until then, have a lovely day everyone, big thank you to all of you who always here sharing your comments 🙂


6 comments on “Early Morning

  1. It may be at the last page that you decide to go with a series. One of my series was not supposed to be a series. I was writing and when I hit the last page the inspiration hit. Just go with what you feel and it will be fine…

  2. Maybe you can leave the opportunity for a sequel in case you get the urge to write it. It would be a downer if you wrote a true ending and then regretted not leaving the opening for a sequel later.

    • I agree, I will wait until the very final pages and then decide whether there is space for a sequel or not. At the moment I want to do one but I dont know if it will be right.

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