Hello everyone once again.

Thank you for your comments on my previous post and I hope you liked the answers. Now I am moving onto a completely different topic, I want to speak about the struggles of writing a novel.

I personally struggled a little bit with making the novel as believable as possible and when I say this I mean with real locations and realistic storylines which at times were hard to adhere by!!

What did you struggle with the most while writing your novels guys? ๐Ÿ™‚


6 comments on “Struggles

    • I know, tell me about it. At some point I thought of adding a little fantasy into my novel but quickly changed my mind after seeing how difficult it was to mix reality with fantasy!!

      • Not as hard as one things. You just have to minimize it. A little magic that doesn’t take away from the reality such as minor spells of movement. Though, it depends on the story and what you’re intending.

  1. I struggled with the times when the writing was just plain dull – same syntax, too many adjectives, too many adverbs, too much padding – and then on the reverse side trying to be too ‘writerly’ – overly decorative or too clever (I love intelligent writing but not clever-clever writing). I found if the writing got dull, I got bored, and if I was bored then the reader was definitely going to be bored. When I say ‘struggled’ I mean it put me off writing further. Luckily I had a good editor. Phew!

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