The Wonders

Hello everyone, how have you all been?

Im sorry I have been gone for so long but it has been impossible to get to write a blog post with everything happening at the same time.

How are your novels going? Mine is still in writing, have gone from writing at home to writing in the train on the way to work. It has proved to be efficient!!

Come share your progress with us 🙂


10 comments on “The Wonders

  1. Welcome back! Good to hear that your writing is coming along. Seems like a lot of people are making progress this month. I’d say it’s the weather, but that hasn’t been very consistent here.

    • Thank you!! :). I know, I have been struggling before to put in the time to write but now am making an effort to do it whenever and wherever I can!! How is your novel coming along? 🙂

      • The first one is nearing 2,500 eBook sales, which is great. Thought I was doomed when I fell off the Hot New Release list (after a month I’m just a Hot Release apparently). Preparing for a convention in a week and a half to hand out free copies. I’m hoping to have the second novel published next month once I get the cover art for it. Just finished editing my 4th novel, so I’m spending the week getting through eBooks and outlining future series. I do have to admit I’m feeling a little lost without a novel to write. Probably going to start writing book 5 next week.

      • Oh wow!!! I have to admit I am super jealous!! That makes me want to finish my novel so badly!!! I wish you all the best of luck with it, will the convention be with other writers or is it simply to promote your book? 🙂

      • Thanks. The convention is out of my old college and it’s for gamers that play things like Dungeons & Dragons and other tabletop RPG’s. I’m going to have a table in the vendor room to hand out 100 free CD’s, bookmarks, and stickers. I’ll see some old friends, but it’s mostly for book promotion. My wife/assistant will probably get a chance to wander more than me.

      • Oh right, that should be nice!!! Its always good to hang out even if you dont get to promote much of your book, you never know, you may get a great idea for your next book!! :). Oh and another thing we have in common, I am crazy about RPGs!! hahaha 🙂

      • I haven’t played in years because I can never find a stable group. I got a lot of good stories out of it like the one I’m outlining now. A friendly, dim-witted halfling sorcerer with a mastery of sleep magic. I got so much mileage out of that one spell in D&D and had to design other spells around sleeping to keep the character concept. I miss playing him. Well, off to get ready for a parent/teacher conference then back here for my ‘vacation’.

      • That sounds great!! Thats what happens when one becomes an adult, all the games are gone and the time seems to go by quicker than ever believed possible, and here we were looking forward to be adults!! hahaha

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