Multi Tasking

Hello everyone, how have you all been?

Lately it has been very difficult to write, work has been keeping me nice and busy. By the looks of it, it will take me a decade to finish this novel! ha!

How are your novels coming along?

I have decided to try multi tasking to try and get my novel moving, hopefully i dont get psychology mixed with the story line!! Haha

It doesnt help that time seems to be flying by without giving me a chance to sit down and write, I can literally feel the wrinkles deepening!!


8 comments on “Multi Tasking

  1. A way to avoid getting mixed up is to take a little time to read some of what you previously wrote. It may cause you to take longer to write the novel, but it will help you stay on track and make the editing process less of a mess. This is all from previous experience. Now, off to my editing. Good luck.

    • Thanks for the comment Charles, how are your book sales going? I know, its so difficult to actually get anything done when you have work and studies always in the way!! I will try that, hopefully it works 🙂

      • Sold 1,337 eBooks, but I think the momentum is starting to slow down. Pretty good for a debut book’s first month, so I’m okay with it slowing down a bit. I’m still sitting on a few Amazon Top 100 lists, which is keeping me afloat and I’m hoping for more reviews soon. Though, I’m not sure if reviews have much of an impact.

      • Wow!!!! Thats great!!! That is an achievement at the end of the day!! Reviews do help, for sure, thats the only way skeptical people like me ever buy anything!! 🙂

      • Good to know. Now, if I could just bribe more people with jellybeans and pennies. 😉 Honestly, I’m still trying to figure out what’s going on because my plan was that book one would have a slow build of success than explode with the sequels. Strange to admit that this level of success has me confused and a little lost.

  2. Just finished my manifesto called Fabulously Flawed, on why a malfunctioning writer can still write. I am going to give it away free if my readers join my subscription page. I know how you feel about getting time to write so I tell myself just fifteen minutes if I don’t have time and you know what….I find time then because I get in the moment. You are not alone in this battle.

    • Thats great :). Its good to know I am not alone, I try so hard to find the time to write, even if it is just for 5 minutes here and there but its so difficult sometimes!! I wish I could write as a job!! haha

  3. I’d say all you need is a bit of time management : ) I work full time as an accountant and I finished a novel in one year. Sure it takes a long time (and it’s sooooo tiresome! Sometimes I worked 9-13 hours then came back home and wrote for another 3-4. Yikes), but it’s definitely possible. Hang in there! : D

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