The week is nearly over

Hello everyone, I hope you are all keeping well and that this week has been a good one so far.

Yesterday I recommended a great writer’s new book, I hope you all got the chance to see it, if not then here are the links again so you can pay a visit AND Go over and take a look when you get a minute 🙂

Anyway, today I am thinking of the design for my book, I never actually got around to think about it and now I am divided as in one hand I want to use my own designs but in the other hand I could use a design created for it by someone else, what do you think its easier?

Have a great day fellow friends 🙂


19 comments on “The week is nearly over

  1. Hi there 🙂 I have just published my book, ‘Eat Your Heart Out’, on Amazon and I must say that I went the route of getting the cover designed by someone else. I think that it helps to have a professional-looking cover, plus some sites where you upload your book require certain pixels and dimensions. Good luck! 🙂

    • Thank you, that is good to know. I have been thinking about designing something for it but I am not entirely sure what will go well with the book itself, I feel like the cover must be in line with the story, problem is, finding something that goes with it! Ha! Thank you for your comment 🙂

  2. I have done mine myself… I like things plain and simple and some of the designer ones I looked at were just too busy for my taste..

  3. If you use your own design then you have more control over the product and the deadline. I can’t do art no matter how hard I try, so I go through other sources. It’s better quality than anything I can do, but it does mean I have to wait. If you can do it, I say do it.

    • Well, I want to do it and I know that I can but I will still need time to do it. Considering how I am I wont rest until it looks exactly how I want it! ha! Anyway, have you seen the tweets I’ve been sending out? You should Retweet them to get more views 🙂

      • Thanks for those. I get them and I keep meaning to retweet them. The last two days have been a little chaotic outside of the internet, so I’ve barely been able to do much beyond finishing off my initial advertising plan list. I’ll start retweeting tomorrow when things settle down.

      • I understand, I have had a little time over the last couple of days but cant tell if its going to be the case in the coming days, its amazing how life gets so busy in a blink of an eye!! Anyway, I will continue tweeting here and there for a few more days and hopefully something will change 🙂

      • Thanks. I’ll try to retweet once I figure out my current tech issue. I think I got Hootsuite to do the daily tweet, but I won’t know until tomorrow. Every little bit helps at this point. Though, I wonder if I have to do this all over again when the second book comes our or if it’ll be easier.

  4. It depends on your goal. If you’re more interested in self expression, “ownership” and the feeling of accomplishment that can come from DIY, then that might be the way to go for you. If you want to sell more books you’ll just get the best cover you can. You can always do both and do a blind test on your blog to see which one (of as many as you like) gets the most interest or likes. There are artists out there who have worked as long or longer at their craft than you have on writing. They are not too hard to find. Do you think you’ll do a better job than they will? Again, it all depends on what you hope to achieve. Best of luck!

  5. If you can draw or even combine photoes with your drawsings, then I would recommend going with your own art work. You will have to pay the professionals for every alteration when you change your mind. Yes, it was hell for me to work out pixels and all that, but you are smart you will get there in the end. Then you will have gained freedom.

  6. I’m glad to hear you are well. It was not my business, but you used to update your blog so often, I thought you had to be sick not to. Thank you for asking. I tried promoting my graphic novel for one day. I had prepared it in three languages. Curiously, the Portuguese versions got downloaded in US instead of Brazil. What kind of demography America has, I wonder.

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