Its recommendation day!

Good morning everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I am super excited today as I have decided to recommend a great writer today who is also amazing here with all his support!!

He has just published his book which is called “Beginning of a Hero” and its available at to look at so head over and take a look, and also keep and eye on @Cesar_Vieira21 on Twitter as I will provide you all with the Amazon link, I definitely recommend a read so get started :). The writer is Charles Yallowitz, congratulations on publishing your book!! 🙂


4 comments on “Its recommendation day!

  1. Hello, it is so nice of you to recommend books. It would help if you could briefly explain your reasons for recommendation. Were you moved to tears? Or did it make you laugh a lot? Did the book make you philosophical? Or hopeful of life? People choose books that matches their current mood, don’t they?

    • Well, I have not actually read it myself, I am simply helping a fellow writer. Everyone deserves a little help getting their books known and if I can help then I will. The reason I recommend it though is because after long conversations with the author I can very well tell the book is great, the rest has to be discovered by the reader i’m afraid 🙂

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