Good morning

Hello my friends, I hope you are all well and ready for another week!!

I am certainly not, was up last night until 11 writing my novel, take into account I usually go to bed at 9ish!! I am like a zombie today but my coffee is ready and water as well, haha!!

Anyway, how are your novels going? Anything interesting happening? I have introduced a little romance into “I Was There” and it is making things a little more interesting, romance in the end sounds better than I thought!!

Today I will try and write a little more as I am close to finishing the novel, I just want to review it and move on to publishing phase, I know it will take time but I will get there…..eventually! Ha!

I am still wanting people to come like my new page so come and take a look, I have daily discussions there which are meant to be educational so if you have questions about Social Media (Is what I do for a job) then come visit and like it, it will be a massive help 🙂


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