Hello again

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well!

I trust you enjoyed my last post, thanks Kath for the lovely poem again 🙂

Today is thursday, at last, but still one day to go until the weekend :). What are you guys up to today? I will be writing again this weekend as I am nearing the end of my novel and just want to get it done now so I can begin the sequel 🙂

I want to ask all of you a big, huge favor 🙂 Could you come to my new page and like it, I am doing a countdown until I reach 30 likes but still got 15 to go 🙂 hehe. Thank you all in advance :). Here is the link to get there 🙂 http://on.fb.me/11OH0Tk


10 comments on “Hello again

      • I recommend always checking back if you feel even the slightest bit of doubt. This helped me discover that I changed my main character’s eye color in the middle of the second book. Story deviation is easy to avoid as long as you keep your characters in line.

      • Well, I already have a separate file detailing the characters of the novel so I dont get confused so its going to be easier to follow. Im more worried about events as I dont anything to contradict the storyline 🙂

      • That can be tricky. Though, if you do come up with a good idea in the sequel, you could always alter the first one. Until it’s published, the first book is as fluid as the second. 😉

      • I know, and I will take full advantage of that although I will try not to alter anything unless it is really necessary. I am wanting to publish as soon as the novel has been finished and reviewed as well so it will be tricky to alter anything after that point 🙂 But we’ll see 🙂

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