Crazy crazy week

Hello everyone, I hope you are all well and having a great week.

This week has been absolutely crazy, with moving house and studying I do not know whether my brain is still in my head or wandering the streets!! Ha! 🙂

Anyway, this week I somehow managed to write a little bit which was so helpful and am getting ready to go at it this weekend again!!

How are your novels coming along? Anything interesting happening? 🙂


15 comments on “Crazy crazy week

  1. I’m laughing because last time somebody asked me those questions, I stole an hour of their life talking about my progress. They never asked me that again and warned my other co-workers to avoid the topic entirely.

      • Well, I have to get back to work on Novella #2, but for me I have 3 finished novels, 1 finished horror novella, and 1 novel first draft completed. Taking a break from the novel series to experiment with a drama novella. I tend to stay in fantasy, so I’m using novellas to expand my genres.

        How you doing? 🙂

      • WOW!!! Now that is what I call an achievement, I am still on my very first novel but am very close to finishing it, it has been very complicated lately as I’ve had so many things keeping me from writing but now I am getting back into it 🙂

      • To be fair, I started this when I was 18 and I’m 32 now. I’m just starting to get out of a series of delays and getting back to my stories. It’s an achievement, but I’m not going to let it go to my head. Distractions and delays are always lurking in an artist’s shadow, waiting to pounce on them.

      • It’s a strange sensation because you’re happy to finish it, but you have that moment of ‘now what?’ After I finished the second novel, I wandered around my apartment for the rest of the day. I would have done the same the next day, but my wife gave me chores to keep me out of trouble. 😉

      • Well,I’ve already decided that I am writing a series so once I am finished with this one I will begin the second one as there are already many ideas for it but I know that once I am done with the series I will have the ‘now what?’ Feeling, lets hope it doesn’t last too long!

      • That’s why I use weekends for outlining new ideas and character designs. After this series I go on to a one-shot to clear up a secondary character’s story then I go into another series. I was trapped in limited time for over 10 years, so I have about 20 series mapped out because that was the only writing I could do. I find showers oddly useful for idea planning.

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