Hello everyone, how are you all today?

The weekend is coming to an end, I just woke up but I know this day is going to go so fast! Anyway, today is rather nice and sunny outside which makes a difference to the miserable rain and snow we been having for the past 3 weeks!

Today I want all of you to tell me more about your novels, enough of me always talking about me, I want to hear more about all of you so come on and share with us 🙂


8 comments on “Sunday

  1. Not writing anything at the moment but I’m reading two books 🙂 Insomnia by Stephen King and Servants of Twilight by Dean Koontz. Two awesome writers, two awesome story lines. and it is rather nice outside to read actually! Might go feed the ducks!

    • Well, sometimes it is nice to instead of writing, doing some reading. No writer can write without reading others’ work. Or at least that is what I believe. Whereabouts are you? Strangely, it is rather nice here today to do some reading, it has been snowing lately and today is sunny, rather nice!! I love Stephen King!!! 🙂

  2. I’m working on a story about a woman who is having strange dreams about a small girl, and marital issues to the point she gets pregnant. That’s all I’m willing to say until the first draft is done 🙂

  3. Alas I have several gathering dust in my computer hard drive. My Memoir is doing reasonably well…the fact that others are wanting to read my my my reward..maybe I shall finish one or two of the others…maybe not…

  4. It was so nice of you to ask about us. To tell you the truth, I had been a bit worried that your first novel might be written from your perspective only because everyone does that initially. It can be painful to read. But now…I am hopeful that you may be writing your novel with the readers on your mind as well. Are you going to put it into a Kindle format? As a person living outside US, Amazon is the only site I can buy books from overseas that I know.

    • Thank you for the comment :). I know what you mean, I always try to remind myself that I am writing to share it with everyone and not only for myself. I try to write with what everyone wants in mind as I want everyone to enjoy reading it. Well, when I publish it I will try and get it in as many formats as possible, like I said, I will always have my readers in my mind and will do anything to make it easier for them to read my work 🙂

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