Epiphany of the day

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well!

Today I had one of those mornings, starting with the bad news that a helicopter had crashed not very far from my house (scary) and then having a deep morning epiphany!!

What was it about? Well, I just realised we are in the middle of January, it seems that once again we will have a year that will go by in a day!

And 16 days later I am still working to finish my novel, interesting how plans tend to never work the way they were planned, eh?

Anyway, what are you guys up to today? Its Wednesday so hopefully you are all preparing for the weekend, hehe 🙂


5 comments on “Epiphany of the day

  1. A helicopter crash? Woah, that’s something you don’t see everyday…

    I’m excited for the weekend too, gonna go ice skating with friends then an eat-all-you-can buffet haha.

    Good luck on your novel!

    • You can say that again! It was quite scary and sad!
      Oh right, that’s great, I miss ice skating, haven’t done it in years!! Where will you be skating?

      Thank you! 🙂

      • Actually I leave far away from the city (I’m in Japan by the way) so I have to take the train to Yokohama to meet friends hehe

        And I’m not really a good skater, not really good in winter sports at all actually. I’m from a tropical country haha

      • Oh right, thats interesting! I find it really great to meet people from around the world!! Very nice to meet you!!

        I am sure you will be fine at skating, make sure you fall a couple of times! That is usually the easiest way to learn! haha

  2. ♥ Thanks for being awesome, I have included you in my nominees for the versatile blog award!! Thanks for the love, just my way of giving it back!! No need to do anything further, unless you want to!! Hope you have an amazing weekend & upcoming week!!! ♥

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