What To Do

Good morning everyone, I was not able to post anything yesterday as I was out for the day but I am here now and ready to share more with all of you.

Today I woke up wondering what my book will look like, I happened to remember that there is something that I have not yet thought of, the appearance of the book itself. After all, that will play a huge part in attracting people’s attention.

What have you guys done to make your books as appealing as possible?

Here is another photo, this one was taken in lovely Croatia and if I must say myself, it is a great place for Photography 🙂


19 comments on “What To Do

    • It is getting that look that is the tough part, there is so much to choose from. I am eager I want to be unique and do something no one has done before but we shall see 🙂

  1. I can’t help it, I like sexy. So, when my book is finally printed, I want it to have a sexy cover (what that ultimately is is fully subjective, of course, but as an example, I would cite Brent Weeks’ “The Black Prism” cover). In the mean time, I have played with my own drawings. This limits my outcome to my own skill level – which may not be bad, but I don’t have the time when I’m writing as well.
    Good luck with yours. Sounds like you’re almost finished – that’s the first (and rarely reached) hurdle down!

    • Thank you for your comment. You are right, it has definitely have something sexy about it and attractive. I can somehow already picture it in my head but to express it is complicated, hehe. I will also attempt to draw something and get an idea from it since i already have something in mind even though it needs a lot of work 🙂

  2. Well for me, as much as possible, make the cover with a plain color ( not so bright color0, just one or two color that suits each other, and a printed image on top of it, a sketch will do. Just make it so simple yet catchy. Make a point that it leaves a big question mark whoever sees it. LOL just an idea. =)

      • I just thought of it because I’m just a simple person. And once i do something, rest assured it’s somewhat like the best among the rest. LOL You should try it! I can help you for more conceptualization. I’m a lil bit good at it. :)) BTW, what’s the book all about? 🙂

      • Well, sometimes simple is best and in this case I have to say that I will have to stick to simple, dont want to scare people off with too much at once!
        Well, at the moment I am keeping my book under wraps as I am planning to write a little something about it a few weeks before its finished. It is my first book so I will treat it like royalty! haha 🙂

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