A New Day Begins

The week is nearly coming to and end, did you all have a good week?

Today I want to share something that fascinated me, I saw this last night on a documentary and thought it was so amazing.


This is Mount Kailash, it is a fascinating mountain with a fascinating history. The legend says that from this mountain, four rivers were created, each going on a different direction to provide water for the world. Each face of this mountain is curiously aligned with each point of the compass which is also part of the story, however, this is true, the compass and the mountain’s faces are roughly aligned. It is said that simply a trip around this mystical mountain can wipe out a whole life of sins for a fresh rebirth.

Amazing, isn’t it?


9 comments on “A New Day Begins

  1. If this is true, there are several mountains and the rivers in the world to wash out all the sins people commit, but if it is read in the context of what one can peruse in Shakespear’s Macbeth, there are still the since which even ‘…waters of seven oceans’ can’t wash out. Your narrative is, however, quite nice.

    • Well, its the story told by the people who devote their lives to preserving that mountain and keeping the legend alive. We both know it would take more than the seven seas to wash away the world’s sins! lol

      Thank you 🙂

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