Car Lovers Rejoice!

So today I decided to be a little more flexible with my posts, this lead to me opening a whole new window for me and for all of you!

Here is the outcome!

Car Of The Day



10 comments on “Car Lovers Rejoice!

  1. It looks a little illustration-ish to me … sad, ’cause it’d be nice in real life, I’m sure. Oh, oh, this is so hard, but I think I have to admit that while I am a girl who loves a good car, this sort of thing freaks the hell outta me … I honestly couldn’t handle the speed that thing could (theoretically) do. That being said, I love a car at the top of it’s line … especially if it’s mine … and rare … yeah … (excuse me while I wipe the drool from my keyboard). I’m not really a car-geek, but I have been known to nod proudly when mechanics start to gather. Granted, I didn’t know why. Well, I knew I had shiny stuff under the hood … um

    • Haha, thats a funny comment, thank you for it!

      I think you may be lucky, I am quite sure Mazda has at least made one of these babies to test but they just didnt launch it into the market, probably due to high manufacturing costs. I am a huge car geek, just been losing my touch over the years so been trying to get it back, hehe 🙂

      • So far, I have only owned Toyotas. But the Mazdas do have a nice look about them. Of course, it always comes down to the test drive. Brrm.

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