The Olympics and my Writing

Today is what everyone is calling a “once in a lifetime event” day but for me it will be just a blessing as while everyone is busy focusing on the Olympics, I will be focusing on my writing. At least then I will be sure I wont be having any interruptions (unless I get sucked into the Olympic fever too).

I have been thinking and thinking about a title for my book but taking into consideration all the advice I received from you all yesterday. I have been able to come up with a few suggestions and am in the process of shortlisting the ones that I think fit the bill best!

This weekend I will be focusing on finishing the current chapter that is being written, I’m getting so many ideas that I just want to jot them down to make sure they dont get lost, hehe

Until my next post, feel free to leave any comments or ask me anything and I shall reply to you asap.

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