Tips for using and optimizing SSDs


Some tips that I have read along the way while installing and using my Sandisk SSD. Will add on more if I come across it again.

A little bit of background on my usage:

  • Run my Laptop 24/7. I have an external fan. Semi poweruser.
  • Run torrents 24/7. Love to download different types of Linux OSs to try.
  • Not a hardcore gamer or video person.
  • I have a number of external harddrives: 500GB, 1TB, 2TB used for backing up roughly around once a month (or to my pleasure)


  • Use Windows 7
    Ability to disable disfragmentation and superfetch. Fix partition alignment automatically.
  • Setup Hibernation instead of Sleep (this helps save battery life)
    since SSDs are now quicker in retrieving data from the SSD rather than HDD
  • Disable Disfragmentation (on XP or Vista)
  • Disable Indexing on the SSD
    since SSDs are quicker now, it is unnecessary to maintain an index of…

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