the world’s biggest eye?

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Articles that begin with the question “did you know?” usually turn out to be pretty dull. Not so here (we hope).

So here it goes. Did you know that Wrexham – like that fictional hero Captain James T Kirk –  is helping man boldly go where no-one has gone before?

Scientists at Glyndwr University are developing prototype mirror segments for the aptly named European Extremely Large Telescope (it will be extremely large).

The university has a wealth of expertise in “ultra-precision polishing and highly complex optical metrology.”

And here’s the exciting bit. Last month the European Southern Observatory (ESO) confirmed that the “world’s biggest eye on the sky” will be built on Mount Cerro Armazones in Chile.

So it looks like this is really going to happen. Wrexham will play its part in unlocking the secrets of the universe. How amazing is that?

ESO scientists hope the telescope will help us track down earth-like planets where life…

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