PS3 vs Xbox 360

Mirch Masala

The never ending Xbox-PS3 rivalry sometimes sounds like Mac vs PC. As i have been looking to buy a gaming console, i researched on both of them. Now that both game consoles are competitively priced and offer most of the same functionality, only one can be crowned “King”.


The Xbox 360 has a very slight advantage at the low end, with a $199.99 bundle that includes 4GB of storage and a wireless controller. The Xbox 360 Elite with 250GB of storage rings up at $299.99. Meanwhile, the Sony PlayStation 3 with 160GB of storage is available for $249.  A bundle with a 320GB PS3 and Sony’s motion-control add-on, PlayStation Move, will cost you $349. As for the online services, PlayStation Network has the advantage here because you can enjoy most of the features without paying for the premium membership (which still offers bonuses like free games and discounts), while Xbox Live still requires a…

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