Obama 2.0

Chloe's Words of Wisdom

Obama preaches idealistic principles that include equality, human rights and social responsibility.  In his 2008 campaign Obama was extremely effective at stirring sentiment from voters.  Barack Obama’s “Yes We Can” slogan struck a chord with many dissatisfied Americans.  Additionally, Obama was the first presidential candidate to actively and effectively utilize the internet and social media to build support.  By utilizing Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and his blog, Obama communicated quickly and more intimately with voters across multiple platforms.

Despite the enthusiasm and hope that surrounded Obama’s 2008 election, some voters feel that he has let them down, as they have not seen the drastic positive changes that they had hoped for.  Obama needs to actively appeal to personal emotion to reinvigorate the support and trust people once had in him.

In 2008, Obama positioned himself as the candidate for change.  He preached grandiose ideas about ending two wars, saving the planet…

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