Midtown in Motion

Global Smart City

NYC thinks it has found a way to speed up traffic in midtown. They use a program called “Midtown in Motion” that uses cameras and sensors to measure the traffic in real-time so engineers can adjust traffic lights wherever there are bottlenecks thus improving the traffic flow in real-time.

The program now relies on 100 sensors, 32 cameras and E-ZPass readers at more than 20 intersections between Second and Sixth avenues. The planned expansion of the “Midtown in Motion” will widen the coverage from First to Ninth avenues and speed the reaction times to manage the program more effectively. The program is now about one year old and cars are getting through midtown 10% faster.

The cities high-tech system is the wave of the future. This kind of electronic systems can be put in every city to help with the traffic jams. But it is not enough. To reform this…

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