Making work work

Hi everyone.

So today I would like to discuss with you what your views are on the environment in a workplace.

After coming across many different people with many different behaviors I was forced to ask myself: How do these people remain where they are when the contribution is so small?

To this day that question remains unanswered.

Have you come across a situation similar to this one recently? Let us know


2 comments on “Making work work

  1. For many years I worked at a major international airport, carrying out maintenance on wide body jet aircraft. During the course of much of this scheduled maintenance a large quantity of oil would be spilled on to the tarmac. There was no time between aircraft departure and the following arrival to properly clean up any oil spill. The aircraft stands are cleaned periodically, during the quieter periods at night, using harsh cleaning chemicals. I approached the owners of the Airport, to introduce them to environmentally friendly cleaning products, which would drastically reduce the oil run off into the local environment. They were not interested. The company I was representing at this time was if you are serious about the environment check them out.

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