Communicating in Today’s World

A journey of the heart

Part of my job as Director of Communication is to help the offices in our area be successful in communicating with their audiences. So one thing I need to do is stay current with communication trends — NOT an easy thing to do in today’s world. I mean, think about it — I toddled off to college for the first time in 1973.


I remember taking a class on audio/visual production during which we learned how to synchronize an audio cassette tape with two slide projectors to produce a seamless visual phenomenon called a “slide/tape show”. We thought we were so cool. (Well, actually, we were pretty cool.)

Contrast that with today’s communication phenomenon called social media. Students studying communications today don’t learn how to use a machine. The profs have wised up — today’s machine is tomorrow’s landfill. So today’s students learn how to shape a message…

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