Social Networks: The Totally New Concept of Privacy

Privacy in Social Networking

Earlier I stated that privacy in social networking would have to concern users more, and uniform laws must be developed to protect the people’s right for privacy. Now I would like to take the opposing viewpoint. In this day, it’s irresponsible to expect our privacy being protected by executives of social networks Web sites. There are also pretty strong arguments in favor of the publicity of personal data in social networks.


Ben Parr, the Co-Editor of the Mashable website, argues that protection of the information we post online “goes against the fundamental design of Facebook, social media, and the web itself” which “are designed to share information” (3). It’s up to you whether or not to be a part of virtual community and share your tastes, opinions, and feelings with friends or strangers. Nevertheless, more and more people around the world join some kind of social network thus making…

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