Why Consumers “Like” Brands

Orlando Sentinel Strategic Sales & Marketing

The impact of social media on brands is undeniable.  As a part of a well thought out marketing campaign, social media can certainly help create results.  Social media can also be very detrimental to your business if you are not paying attention to what people are saying about you.  As social media continues to evolve and users become savvier, it’s good to look at information on why consumers “like” brands.  A study has been released that not only details why consumers click the “like” button, it also looks at what marketers think the “like” means.  The difference between why consumers “like” and what marketers think it means is surprising.

• Worldwide, the top reason consumers “like” a brand was because they are currently a loyal customer of the brand.  Nearly half of consumers said that was the reason they clicked “like”

• 46% wanted to receive incentives or rewards for…

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