Utilizing Social Media as a Customer Service tool

The Social "Clique"

The amazing feature that Twitter offers consumers is that they are able to instantly and directly communicate with their favorite, or even least favorite, companies. This becomes a tricky task for companies, where they need to monitor all incoming tweets. The good and the bad. Replying to consumers tweets exemplifies great customer service because it shows that you are listening to your audience and personalizing your responses, instead of your consumers receiving the same tweet that everyone else gets or listening to an automated robot on the telephone.

Two companies that demonstrate great customer service via Twitter are Dell and Chipotle. Despite me being a Mac owner, I have no hate towards Dell. If you are a Dell owner, you can tweet in your order for a new Dell computer or even troubleshooting problems. The way Chipotle uses Twitter always amazes me. They respond to every tweet that comes into…

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2 comments on “Utilizing Social Media as a Customer Service tool

  1. Excellent customer service is always necessary when it comes to any type of business. I run a small business in our city and i always make sure that we give great customer service to our valued customers. :,'””

  2. Great customer service at the end of the day will be what will make sure the customer will come back for more so keeping it up is a must at every business.

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