Protecting Your Personal Information on the Web

Ask Connie: Your Real Estate Pro


Mobile computing allows you to store documents, photos, video, and more within the cloud. However, many people have been hesitant to do so because of security concerns. The good news is that security is becoming stronger as mobile computing continues to grow and transform the way we live and do business.  

5 Tips to Keep Your Information Safe


1. Create strong passwords that use a combination of letters, symbols, and numbers. To boost security, use a phrase or sentence that you’re sure to remember, or use the first letters of each word in a favorite quote.


Man2. Never use the same password on all of the sites you visit.


3. Don’t store personal information, such as your password or credit card information, on your computer, tablet, or smart phone, or on a website that you visit frequently.


4. Install anti-virus software, which will protect your…

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