What an outrage!

Good morning everyone. Today I will start by sharing what I read this morning on the paper.

So, convicted murderers and other types of criminals are maybe going to be allowed to have their partners visit them for sex! Now, I thought the purpose of them going to prison was to be deprived of freedom as we know it, they committed a crime and they are paying for it.

If this starts happening then what is the point of having them in prison?

Just because they allow it in Spain? How about they are given the death sentence because they do it in Texas? Things shouldn’t work like this.

Next thing you know, it will be more fun to be in prison than to be out here since the convicts are getting so many privileges already, I don’t even look at them as convicts anymore, they are more like celebrities now, all they need now is the flat screen TV in their cells and a luxury Jacuzzi to go with it!

Share this around to make everyone aware of it.


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