10 interesting facts you probably didnt know!

  1. Our planet is the solar system’s only one that has plate tectonics. This means that Earth has a liquid core and the crust just floats on the planet’s core.
  2. Oxygen forms approximately 47% of the crust of the Earth.
  3. Earth has poles both at the bottom and the top of the planet, which makes it a huge magnet.
  4. An Earth day is not 24 hours long. It’s actually 23h, 56m, 4s which is the time that the planet needs to rotate on its own axis.
  5. This is the only planet from the solar system which has water in all the matter states: gas (as clouds), liquid (rain, sea, etc) and solid (ice).
  6. Scientists say that an Earth day had around 20 hours a few million years ago and that a million years from now it will have 27 hours.
  7. The coldest place on Earth is Vostok (in Antarctica) and the hottest one is El Azizia (from Libya).
  8. The embryos of a tiger shark fight against each other in the womb of the mother. The shark embryo which survives gets born.
  9. The Earth’s year has 365.2564 days. Thanks to this extra .2564, every four years, the leap year appears, which has an extra day.
  10. The oldest tree from Earth is 4600 years old and it’s a bristlecone pine from California.

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