Social Media and the Olympics

Today’s first article is regarding how Social Media will play an important part in London 2012 Olympics.

It will be the first Olympics to incorporate this tool into its strategies and plans but how will this make a difference when the Olympics will always come down to who runs faster and reaches the finish line sooner?

A lot of people will find this article confusing as most of us are still in the dark about Social Media and are not aware of what it can do and its capabilities but to give you all an idea, Social Media will be a breakthrough in the Olympics.

Its almost as if you dont even need to buy tickets as you will be able to find out what is going on inside the stadium just by looking on Google! That is how Social Media will play its part, well, at least some of it. Everything else that will also be influenced by Social Media will simply reveal itself in time.

Any thoughts on this regard anyone?


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