Science strikes again!

Science hits back once again and creates another human helping upgrade. This time it was a human eye which spells good news to everyone who will need it in the future. Hopefully this will have other uses such as giving sight to the blind and helping the visually impaired people.

Science has played such a massive part in everyone’s life, even in things that we dont even know it is related to science but how far can it go? Can it really cure everything?

Maybe this is a good sign to answer that question or maybe it is just another false alarm as me for one, I would like to see science focusing on really dangerous conditions like cancer which needs a cure as quick as it can be developed.

Not trying to sound cheesy and corny, I would like to say that one day I would love to see science take the step they never thought they could take as I believe that it can do amazing things if the right attention to different aspects of human life is given.

For now I will leave you guys to ponder on this matter and let you develop your own opinions, feel free to share them on here as i am sure that all of you share different views on the way science operates.


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