View of London’s sky this morning.

View of London's sky this morning.

I took this photo this morning with my phone out of my window, the sky is not normally this pretty in London so I thought this was a chance that I could not pass up.

Amazing view, eh?


25 comments on “View of London’s sky this morning.

  1. You know, you’re right. When I was in London, there were hardly ever any pretty times. (We were there the week the weather was really cold and then the week it finally warmed up after the super abnormal cold weather. Meaning, the end of May.)

    • Tell me about it. We have been waiting and waiting for the sun to come out, it did for 3 weeks in June but now its doing the whole disappearing act again! lol

      • I know what you mean. I have so many photos and many of them aren’t even digital. I have to scan them to get them into the computer. Much more time-consuming than just plugging SD memory card in and downloading, On top of that I’m missing an 8MB SD card and I can’t remember what was on it. Boo Hoo.

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